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Thank you for your interest in donating to help Re-Elect Marty Kelly as your Goodhue County Sheriff.



Is there a limit of how much I can donate?

Yes, there are contribution limits for your donations. The limit is $600 per person/$1200 per couple.

Do you have to know who is donating?

If your donation is greater than $250 throughout the course of the campaign season, then yes, we are obligated. We are required to obtain your name, address, job title, and the company you work for.


Can I get a tax deduction for this?

Unfortunately your donation to Marty Kelly for Sheriff is not tax deductible. We thank you for your support though. 


Who can donate?

Anyone is welcome to donate unless you are the following; a federal contraction, a labor union, any foreign national, or a corporation.

I'm old school and don't understand all this

phone donating stuff, how else can I donate?

You are more than welcome to kick it "old school" and mail a check.

I'm hip and only move money on my phone, am I still able to donate?

Of course! Find us on venmo @martykellyforsheriff. Bonus points if you send the goat emoji.

Do you get to use all of the donation?

It really depends on how you donate. If you go through Venmo as a friend/family or send a check, we are able to. If you donate via a card, we would only get to utilize your entire donation if you cover the processing fee. In order to provide a way for you to donate, the host (the company) removes a fee to run your numbers.


How to Donate


Please mail checks to

32999 Grosse Point Road

Red Wing, MN 55066


Checks can be made out to

Marty Kelly for Sheriff.

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